Twenty Shades of Red…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and my mind seems to be swirling with so many mixed emotions about this holiday.  Honestly, the twenty shades of red I see when I walk in to every store make me kind of crazy and overstimulated.  Fire Red.  Cardinal Red.  Wine.  Bulgarian Rose.  Dark Red.  Brick Red.  Crimson.  Persian Red.  Well…you get the point.

I begin to feel bad for the single people.  I begin to feel bad for the married ladies who are the only ones who do not have a dozen roses on their desk.  I begin to worry about the tweens and teens who base their value and worth on whether or not they have a Valentine.  I begin to feel pressure to find my husband the right card that says exactly what he means to me.  Honestly, I am just over this commercial holiday.  I am beginning to feel like I have lost that loving feeling!

Then ‘it’ hits me.  This is supposed to be a holiday of love.  What if our focus was on how much He loves us instead of how much the world and those living in it love us?  Have you ever thought about Him saying to you “Be Mine” or “U R Special?”  No, those expressions from Him do not come in the form of a candy heart.  Oh but they come.  They come in the form of His ultimate sacrifice.

“He loves me.  He loves me not.”  How many of you picked 100 flowers when you were little until at least the majority reported that ‘he loves you’?  There is such beauty in knowing that with Jesus…we never have to worry about whether He ‘loves me not.’  Not only does He love us…He loves us with an unconditional and unfailing love.  Did you hear me?  Unconditional and Unfailing.  That means He loves you in your addiction.  He loves you in your bad parenting moments.  He loves you in your separation and divorce.  He loves you when your heart is hard.  He loves you when you make that mistake you promised to never make again.  He loves you when it feels like NOBODY. ELSE. DOES.  He loves you.

Psalm 36:5, “Your unfailing love, O Lord, is as vast as the heavens; your faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds.”

Precious friends, I am not suggesting that you throw out the suckers, cupcakes, and red-hot hearts.  This is simply a reminder to think about love a little differently this Valentine’s Day.  Love in the purest and most perfect form…

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