I was upstairs getting the baby ready for bed and was frantic with thoughts of what still ‘needed’ to be done. There was a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. The dog and cat were begging to be fed and were following me around EVERYWHERE I went. In fact, a few choice words almost escaped my mouth as the cat weaved in and out of my feet causing me to repeatedly trip. There was a pile of laundry in each bedroom floor and I had washed the same load three times after forgetting to put it in the dryer. Our girl still needed a bath and bedtime was in 15 minutes. She had just run all the way upstairs to ask me for milk and a snack when her Daddy was in the same room as her. “Am I the only one who can do anything around here??” I had made this moment all about me and was starting to really feel sorry for myself. After all, I had just started back to work after being off with my precious boy for 3 months and I was PLUM EXHAUSTED from trying to figure out our new routine.

I was standing at the top of the steps and was on the verge of screaming, “A little help would be nice!!!”…and suddenly…there it was. A sound so refreshing and pure. The basement was swirling with laughter. The laughter of our precious girl and the laughter of her Daddy. She was laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath. I stood at the top of the steps and just listened and that is when God whispered to my heart. “Daughter, you need to breathe.” “Oh God, I desperately want to be ‘that’ person. That mom who soaks in the laughter rather than rushing it to bed…just because “it’s time”. That housewife who recognizes that the laundry could wait another week and we would all still have clean clothes. That woman who realizes that the 2 hours I have each evening with my family should be spent loving them well…even if it means leaving the dishes and dust bunnies. Lord, I don’t want to be remembered for having the cleanest house or ironed clothes (my husband will chuckle at this). I want to be remembered for loving well. Show me how to love well. Give me eyes to see what is important in this moment and a peace in knowing what…can…wait.”

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