When I think about writing how God is enough in my life…my eyes immediately fill with tears, my heart sinks a little, and I become slightly overwhelmed.  The fact is…God IS enough and I am humbled to be able to experience this in so many ways.

When I am burdened by choices I have made in the past…God is enough.

When I am wrestling to prioritize and get it all done…God is enough.

When I lack patience and have a short fuse with my loved ones…God is enough.

When I attempt to fill a void with so many ’empty’ things…God is enough.

When my head is filled with clutter and I just need peace…God is enough.

When I am suffocated by the longing for a loved one I have lost…God is enough.

When I desperately want to know which path to take…God is enough.

When I strive for things that are just out of my reach…God is enough.

When I am faced with feelings of doubt or insecurity…God is enough.

When I am challenged beyond my own strength…God is enough.

When I am struggling with forgiving myself or others…God is enough.

This topic of “enough” brings me to my knees in complete and humble adoration for the God I love…for the God I want to wholeheartedly serve…for the God who has blessed me so immensely that I have trouble comprehending…for the God who deserves the utmost praise…for the God who pursued me when I was running away…for the God who is enough to satisfy every hunger and thirst.  I am eternally grateful.  

Is He enough for you? 


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